D365Rocks! Quiet a strong statement but why have I used it?

Well i’ve decided to join the ‘Tweeters’ and set up a work related Twitter account and I found that all the ‘cool names’ were already taken so I had to try and find my own one. I am sure it took me longer to define a name than it would to name a child but then as I describe CRM as my Baby I guess that’s only fair.


So I created an account then what? I read the new Bridget Jones book last year and remember she had the same problem setting it up is only half of the battle now I need to;

  • Think of interesting things to post
  • Remember to post
  • Learn to talk in less than 140 characters
  • Get some followers so i’m not talking to myself (@D365Rocks)

I am now realising that the name choosing may have been the easiest part of this process!

So what shall I put in my Twitter account? I ve started off with some quick tips for using CRM and Office and I guess that is a good starting point for me.

I have just posted Tip number 2 and it’s been ‘retweeted’ – I think that must be a good sign.

So Dynamics does rock but lets see if I can get Twitter to rock as well. Only time will tell 🙂

Edit: So we are now in September 2020 and the name has changed to D365Rocks and my original CRM Dynamics Rocks needed to be updated. Since creating the twitter account in February 2015 Microsoft re branded and we became a company. So please enjoy D365Rocks 🙂

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