Free Solutions

Like all geeks there are ideas I have, things I do again and again for customers. Like everyone making money is good however, the D365 community is a very sharing place so it is always nice to give back. Here you will find my ‘non code’ contributions

Email 3 way duplication checker (no code)

If you look at a contact record there are 3 places that you can enter an email address in 3 different places. This solution provides you with a non code way of cross checking using the OOB duplication checker.

Email Management Solution
(no code)

If you clone your production environment to sandbox or to test some import data you may end up with real email address in your test environment. Obviously you wouldn’t want to send emails out when you are testing so this is a non code way of updating any email address on your system to a safe email to stop accidentally sending anything outside your company / own email