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Claire has combined her D365 love and knowledge with her skills as a trainer and has published a range of Dynamics Books which are available to purchase. Currently these cover two main subject areas. End user and System Admin / Developer.

Publications can be bought direct from Amazon and are printed on demand by Amazon. Have a look in our shop for all the books available now.

End User Books

These are aimed at an end user. They are designed for people already familiar with Dynamics and want to learn extra skills. They are not aimed for people brand new to Dynamics.

Tips and tricks for a D365 End User

This is for the end user of D365 Sales and will contain details of tips and tricks to help you day to day using the system Icon Guide, Activities, Views & advanced finds, Chart, Dashboards, Teams and Sharing.

Super User Books

This is a series for people who want to learn how to build, design and maintain their environment. They cover everything from creating fields to designing your mobile apps and most things in-between.

Scenarios and Solutions for the D365 Super User

The book takes you on a journey of discovery and development, starting with the OOB (out of the box) D365. As the business evolves, it will show you how to customise and extend your D365 system to support these new changes.

Other information

Book Bundles

If you are an organisation and looking to purchase more than 5 books please get in touch, use the book code organisation and we will get in touch with you to discus your requirements and how we can help.

Amazon Prices

The books were written with my love of the system and wanting to share that. I haven’t written these books to become a millionaire. Some people ask for colour books which is fine, hence I have both on sale. Unfortunately a colour book costs a lot more to produce. I apologise for the difference in cost but my profit is still the same and there is no way I can make the book prices lower if you want colour.

Book downloads and offers

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